The ultimate Mountain connection.
Engineered for a re-connecting with the real life.
Free help and support for Mountain homeowners.

Free help and support for Lake Arrowhead homeowners.

Live your best life
We believe the only thing we truly own is our story. That time is our most precious asset. We harness pioneering technology, expert human guidance and the power of local knowledge to help our clients enjoy their time in our moutain escape.
The Blue Zone Project
CAPRE is a proud sponsor of creating a Blue Zone (life longevity project-live 90+) in our Mountain Community. Here is what it all means AND were here to help:

1-Engage in moderate regular physical activity
2-Create a life purpose
3-Reduce life stress - take more time to relax in the Mountains
4-Engage in moderate caloric intake
5-Practive a plant based diet
6-Moderate alcohol intake
7-Engage in spirituality
8-Engage in family life
9-Engage in a social life

We believe this is the best way to maximise and enjoy life.
Your always-on mountain travel companion
Whether it’s a weekend retreat or a night out. CAPRE Concierge's team is never more than a call away. Were open 9 to 5 PM Mon to Sun.

We are your best way to maximise your time in the Mountains of Southern California.
Enjoy more time and less headaches in the Mountains
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CAPRE Concierge offers a turbo-charged customer service.
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CAPRE Concierge is about to make your mountain stay a great experience
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We power busy lives with fun events and preferential treatments to local hidden gems.

Our members also benefit from access to pop-up events across our social calendar, bringing together inspiring, driven people to socialise at unique events.

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For anyone who wants to feel like a local
All in One
We’ve reimagined discovery in the Mountain scape.

Ultimate help
We were tired of calling companies to find lines were closed or being put on hold. So customers interact with us through email or phone.
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Combining human expertise with technology CAPRE Concierge is a mountain lifestyle assistant. From complimentary activities to preferred local business rates.
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CAPRE Concierge is an invitation-only community. From time-to-time we open a limited number applications for our partners. You can accept one of the 20 membership applications made available to IMI Properties by completing the form below.

Accepting this invitation does not guarantee entry - all submissions are first vetted by our membership committee.
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